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We believe in treating our customers with respect, fairness and faithfulness.

Creativity, innovation, honesty and integrity are the core values of our business ethics and business strategies.

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Spaces often need to be filled with beautiful creations which brings color and balance. Fill those spaces with us.

Fumane Collection

Windows Covering

One of the turnkey services offered at Fumane is giving advice on how to dress your windows. People put blinds and Curtains for different reasons. Some for the look, some for controlling light or privacy

Blinds are a great focal point in any space providing adequate light and privacy, they are decorative and functional.Some of our blinds can also be motorized

Types of window treatments include blinds, shades, shutters and drapery. Blinds tilt open and closed using a cord or remote device. They have louvers or slats made of various materials. Blinds can be vertical or horizontal.

Indoor & Outdoor

Spaces & Design

Wall Covering

Recreate your space with colors and patterns provided by us.

3D Panels
Wall Panelling

Stylish living room interior design


Using wallpaper as part of your interior design is one of the easiest ways to open up a space.


View our range of beautifully designed chairs to bring a plus into your space.

Walk Of Fame

Floor Covering

Flooring is one of the most important elements in any building and influences so many factors that will ultimately have an impact on whether the space was a success or not.

Artificial Grass

We provide services for your small, medium or big interior design needs.

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